How we cultivate 

our fields 

Sustainable agriculture

We define an agricultural production system as sustainable when it "promotes the use of resources and natural regulatory mechanisms instead of chemicals". Among its essential elements are the preservation and improvement of soil fertility and biodiversity using sustainable techniques that defend crops without agrochemicals.

But what does that mean in practice? It means that we cultivate seasonal vegetables in open fields.

We aim to put safe, high-quality and good products on the market. 


Our method

Crop rotation and agronomic calendar

Land preparation

How we choose our varieties



Defence from adverse conditions


The growing areas

When we start cultivating a vegetable, we first choose the soils that are naturally best suited for its development. This choice depends on different factors, such as the quality, the specific requirements and the characteristics of soil and climate. The agronomists have the task to constantly monitor and analyse the selected areas. 

Italy is our land, and it is the only place where we grow the vegetables we bring to the table every day. With our work we enhance the local resources and typical features, its biodiversity, and the excellence of every region of Italy.

Commitment to people

We believe in the value of relationships and mutual support. Therefore we sustain our member farmers in their activities and our collaborators in their personal growth, and we support our local areas. 


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