How to Cook Potatoes


How to cook the perfect fried potatoes

Cooking can be very easy. You just need to follow some steps to get the perfect fried potatoes, golden and crispy. It is also important to dispose the used oil correctly, accordingly to your country regulations.  For further information please visit these websites: EUPPA (European Potato Processors Association) and GOODFRIES 

Follow some simple steps

Before Frying

Choose the right container for frying, according to the different food you are preparing (potatoes, fish, other).
Prefer olive oil.
Preheat the oil and keep the temperature always between 160 °C and 175 °C.
Do not overfill the frying basket. Only fill your basket halfway.
For a better result, fry potatoes without thawing. Add salt and spices only after frying.

While Frying

Keep the temperature of the oil always between 160 °C and 175 °C.
Always follow the cooking instructions.
When deep-frying smaller quantities, reduce the cooking time.

After Frying

After frying, let the oil drip off and shake the fries. 
Put the fries on absorbent paper.
Season fries after frying.

See Goodfries

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