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Only the best vegetables, harvested when they are perfectly ripe, grown in the most suitable soils and areas of Italy. Frozen soon after harvesting to ensure a unique taste experience.

A wide selection of retail products

We are the Italian largest producer of fresh frozen vegetables and we are acknowledged as a leading company in the frozen food market. Orogel offers a whole range of wholesome, light and healthy food. The ideal products for all kind of consumers, meeting the needs for a healthy and balanced diet. 

Our products

For the Food Service Professionals

Orogel Food Service is always at the side of professionals to help them win the challenges of every day, offering a product that is good, fresh, and always ready. Good because it is fresher than fresh, and always ready to be cooked and eaten. 

Orogel is your irreplaceable ally to prepare tasty and healthy dishes that can please everyone’s taste buds, even the most demanding.

Our products

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