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What is a cookie and what is it for?  
A cookie is a short string of text that Orogel's website or other website or web services (third parties) store in your device (pc, smartphone or tablet) in order to identify the device itself.


Cookies are used to allow the correct use of the visited website as well as, with prior consent, to track the navigation with statistical and marketing purposes. Some cookies are deleted when you quit your browser ("session cookies"), whereas other cookies are saved for longer time ("persistent cookies") according to the expiration date established by the third parties.  

What type of cookies does this website use and for what purpose?  
Our website uses different types of cookies, with each cookie having a specific function, as explained in the following table:




Technical Cookies

Thanks to these cookies the website can work properly. They are used to collect information about how the visitors use the website, for example language, login and the consents agreed/refused. These cookies also allow the Data Controller, and other third parties, to collect aggregated and anonymous about the use and interactions with the website (number of sessions and time spent, visited pages, devices, geographic area) in order to generated statistics – related also to other domains, websites or applications related to the Controller – in order to improve its contents.

Analytics cookies

are used by third-parties, such as for example Google Analytics and Facebook, to generate aggregate statistical analysis of the user's use and interactions with the website, combined with other analysis (user's files or statistics regarding other websites) or sent to other third parties.

Third-party cookies

are used by third parties to gather information about user's preferences and to generate analysis to be used in marketing campaign which content can be delivered on other websites. The use of this cookies can also indirectly identify the user with an ID and codes deriving from the devices configuration as well as connect to the device itself and its actions or repetitive behaviour scheme.


Programma di Sviluppo Rurale dell'Emilia-Romagna

Orogel è beneficiaria di un contributo del FEASR per un progetto approvato a valere sul PSR Emilia-Romagna 2014-2020 – Tipo di operazione 16.2.01 ("Supporto per progetti pilota e per lo sviluppo di nuovi prodotti, pratiche, processi e tecnologie nel settore agricolo e agroindustriale") per un Piano di Innovazione dal titolo: "Varietà e tecniche colturali per specie orticole da mercato fresco e da surgelazione”, compreso nel Progetto di Filiera F21 (SETTORE ORTOFRUTTICOLO) dal titolo “PROGETTO PILOTA PER L’AMMODERNAMENTO E L’INNOVAZIONE DELLA FASE AGRICOLA DELLA FILIERA OROGEL: VERSO LE PRODUZIONI A RESIDUO ZERO” di cui è proponente e capofila la stessa Orogel. Per ulteriori informazioni, cliccare qui.


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