La Cucina Italiana

Risotto del pescatore g. 550

Orogel Cucina Italiana is a modern center, where a team of chef fine-tune and taste all the recipes of our great Italian tradition, for example the Risotto del Pescatore: one of Orogel most appreciated dishes, that features only the best rice and fish: prawns, squids, cuttlefish, octopus and clams. Without thickeners and glutamate, the risotto is ready in a few minutes. Orogel Cucina Italia: a culinary tours around Italy.

Spinach and Cheese g. 450

Orogel Cucina Italiana presents Spinaci con Mozzarella e formaggi, a great traditional Italian recipe: a delicate side, ideal to accompany any dish. Orogel uses only the most tender spinach leaves, the best mozzarella and a delicate creamy cheese sauce. Orogel Spinaci con Mozzarella e Formaggi are without thickeners and glutamate and are ready in a few minutes.

Vegetables Gratin g. 450

Orogel Cucina Italiana adds new delicious recipes to its line: i Gratinati. Our best vegetables, carefully cultivated e selected, served au gratin, with béchamel sauce and cheese. The result? Tempting and tasty side dishes perfect as accompaniment to any of your recipes. Orogel Gratinati present two specialties: Finocchi Gratinati e Verdure Gratinate. Appetizing recipes, easy to prepare.

Zucchine Pastellate g. 450

Orogel Cucina Italiana presents two new items. Gran Fritto Pastellato, a unique mix of battered vegetables: broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, spinach, peppers and courgettes. Zucchine Pastellate, crispy battered courgettes sticks. Easy to prepare in a pan or in the oven, serve them as appetizer or side dish.

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